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Number Plate Recognition Sytem ANPR

SecureANPR allows for the capturing, recognizing, & storing of license plates containing both Arabic & Latin characters at very high recognition rates . . .

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Parking Management System

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Parking Guidance System

SecurePGuide is Parking Guidance System monitors individual parking space occupancy data, guiding drivers to the closest available parking . . .

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Human Resource Management

SecureTime a comprehensive, integrated & easy to use employees Attendance Management Software that enables employees to record their . . .

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Electronic Document Reader

SecureWARAQ All-in-one solution: It was designed for ePassport reading & ePassport checking. The goal of the development is to fulfill all requirements . . .

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Visitor Management System

In many environments, visitors are still asked to enter their information in a paper log book. While this method is perceived as quick & easy, it provides . . .

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Under Vehicle Inspection System

SecureUVIS is the economical, embedded solution for the fully automatic identification of threats or modifications to a vehicle's undercarriage . . .

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Intelligent Video Surveillance

SecureIVSS As human observers find it very difficult to monitor the increasing number of video channels typical for today's surveillance systems . . .

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