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Secure ANPR

SecureANPR allows for the capturing, recognizing, & storing of license plates containing both Arabic & Latin characters at very high recognition rates. In addition to exceptional character recognition, system is able to recognize the colors of license plates, very important when plates have to be uniquely identified by color due to similar plate numbers such as the current situation in Saudi Arabia. Once the information is extracted from the number plate, it can then be cross-matched with any number of agency watch-lists, & send real time alerts for quick actions.

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The Requirement: For many years, Car Park management was carried out by a parking attendant whose job was to manually log the details of vehicles on site. With No Computerized Database, No reports such as daily or weekly traffic flow summaries could be generated & so this has proven costly & highly ineffective.A solution was required to eliminate the cost of the parking attendant & to free up more spaces for genuine customers whilst ensuring consistency & accuracy.

The Solution: Access control based on Number Plate recognition & ability to restrict of stolen vehicles enhances the security parameter & provide usage flexibility. You can upload a list of vehicles of interest, including vehicles linked to criminal activity & persistent evaders, & our cameras can alert a chosen recipient (by email/SMS) when a vehicle of interest enters the site. Commercial Parking operations with or without human intervention. The cameras never take a lunch break or holiday, so you get uninterrupted car park management day & night, 365 days a year, without the need for on-site personnel. SecureANPR improves traffic flow during peak periods, Simplifies & accelerate vehicles entry & exit operations. Potential for increase in revenue generation as a result of comprehensive 24/7 car park management.


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Each lane will be installed with a Loop detector to detect the vehicle when it is in the range of Loop. Upon detecting a vehicle, the Loop will send a trigger to the ANPR camera , The ANPR camera will capture the vehicle. The picture will be sent to the FTP service into the ANPR PC, The ANPR PC will recognize the vehicle number plate data. The data including date/time & License Plate Number will be immediately sent to Main Storage. the Main Storage Server will search the number plate date into Stolen/Watch list/wanted vehicle's database. If a Vehicle LP matches with the Database, The ANPR Storage Server will send an alarm / email or SMS to the Authority & at the same time the ANPR Storage Server will download the requested vehicle image from the ANPR Local storage PC. If vehicle is not found in this database, The ANPR Storage Server will save the information of this vehicle like number, date & time, location etc ANPR PC will be connected to the main control room via Ethernet / Microwave connectivity.

SecureBizzTech provides end-to-end solutions including the provision of software, hardware, installation, & support in order to ensure quality installations & customer satisfaction. We also work with local partners, who we feel can implement such a unique system by providing them with some or all of our services & supporting them before, during & after the project lifecycle.

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