Intelligent Video Surveillance


SecureIVSS As human observers find it very difficult to monitor the increasing number of video channels typical for today's surveillance systems, video analytics have quickly become a key element in today's security applications. Integration of surveillance cameras on to a security management station. Comprehensive video surveillance solutions from Siemens that incorporate extensive video analytics, such as SecureIVMS & Surveillance offer a unique approach to streamlining security management for critical infrastructure, wide-area sites, public areas, buildings, & public safety agencies.


SecureBizzTech provides end-to-end solutions including the provision of software, hardware, installation, & support in order to ensure quality installations & customer satisfaction. We also work with local partners, who we feel can implement such a unique system by providing them with some or all of our services & supporting them before, during & after the project lifecycle.

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At SecureBizzTech, we strive to lead in the invention, development & maintenance of the security industry's most advanced, state-of-the-art information security technology solutions. ...

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