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Cracking down on tax evasion and avoidance

Tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance impacts all Canadians Canada has one of the highest voluntary compliance rates in the world – most Canadians file and pay their taxes on time. But, a small minority still choose to not pay what they owe. This is not fair and has to stop. Tax schemes rob Canadians of important resources and deprive all levels of government of tax revenues that provides essential services to all Canadians. Canadian […]

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Big family celebrate the birthday of the grandfather

CMHC CEO warns critics ignoring ‘drunken brew’ of hot home prices, high debt levels

The head of Canada’s housing watchdog is warning that high household debt levels could potentially put the country’s economic future in jeopardy. Speaking at the Bank of England in London on Friday, Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation president and chief executive Evan Siddall said accommodative monetary policy is increasing risks among highly-indebted households. Still, he admitted hiking interest rates to counteract the problem is “too blunt an instrument.” He also warned efforts to help first-time homebuyers […]

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